Potomac Vegetable Farms’ summer CSA has finally started! Hooray for delicious vegetables. My husband and I signed up for the Regular share (feeds 4 or 2 people who eat a lot of veggies). Every week PVF includes a description and photo of the contents of our share. While I pride myself in being an experienced CSA member, I must admit that I had a hard time identifying the broccoli raab – it looks so much different than the grocery store variety.

Here’s what we got “in our bag”:

Garlic curls


Salad turnips


Sugar snap peas


Broccoli raab

With all these greens, it’s been challenging trying to figure out how to use everything. Here’s my plan…I will definitely make lots of simple green and white salads with the lettuce, raw salad turnips, and snap peas. This evening I’m going to make a simple Italian stir-fry (broccoli raab, onions, garlic, drizzled with balsamic cream vinegar and served over couscous). Tomorrow I’ll probably make a pasta with a garlic chickpea sauce, sauteed garlic curls and endive, with a beet salad on the side, and grilled sausage.