Last week marked the start of our Community Supported Agriculture delivery.  I was out of town for the weekend, so I didn’t have time to prepare a meal plan.  That said, Greg and I did a good job cooking most of our vegetables.

This week was much different.  We walked down to the Adam’s Morgan farmer’s market and were greeted by the farmer, Michael.  As we loaded our veggies into bags, we met other CSA members and discussed some recipe ideas.  I was struck by what a personal experience this was.  When I told Michael I wanted to by some additional Jonagold apples, he informed me that they were the oldest apples there (having been picked 4 weeks ago), and that I should try another variety.  How’s that for service?

I’m grateful that Kim invited me in on this “seasonal culinary journey.”  As I unloaded my bounty at home, my mind was spinning with possibilities of what I would cook.  I couldn’t help but wonder – what outcome Kim would come to with the same ingredients?

It’s a fun game to me, combining and maximizing the ingredients in creative ways.  I feel like a contestant on Iron Chef – but with 15 “secret ingredients”!  I’ll spend today preparing most of our meals, and post the results throughout the week.