Last Saturday marked the sixth meeting of a cooking club Kim and I are involved in with our significant others and one other couple.   We’ve done Indian, Irish, Mexican, Greek…it was never intended to be a trip around the world, but it’s ended up that way.  This month I decided to take us to the continent of Africa for an Ethiopian feast.  The menu:

Doro W’ett (Chicken Stew)

Beet and Potato Salad with Lemon

Atar Allecha (Spiced Green Pea Puree)

Stewed Kale

Misr Allecha (Stewed Red Lentils)

Yemiser W’ett (Spicy Yellow Lentils)

Yetakelt W’ett (Vegetable Stew)

Served with Honey Wine and Injerra

I didn’t make the Injerra, I purchased it from a shop on 18th street in Adam’s Morgan.  Everyone really enjoyed the meal, and there was enough left over for lunch all week (and dinner on Sunday).  It was delicious and economical.

Stay tuned throughout the week for the recipes!