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I picked up my Star Hollow Farm CSA share today. What a beautiful variety of produce…and all for $42.65! I haven’t exactly figured out what to do with my bounty, but I’m excited. Perhaps I’ll make some roasted vegetables, butternut squash soup and risotto.
Gold, Red, Purple & Orange Carrots and Parsnips
Bibb & Red-Tinged Lolla Rose Lettuce and Yellow Onions
Claytonia (the green leaves on the left side of the picture) are also known as miner’s lettuce. According to Star Hollow Farm, this delicate lettuce is originally from California and takes its common name from the 49ers who found it growing wild and used it as a fresh salad green.
Greenhouse-grown Asian greens (pictured below) are  harvested with the seed leaves (the cotyledons) and the first true leaves.

Mixed Beets & Butternut Squash

LaRatte Fingerling Potatoes and Atlantic White Potatoes
LaRatte fingerling potatoes (pictured up close in the image below) are a French variety of fingerling potatoes that are moist, flavorful, and easy to prepare. According to Star Hollow Farm they are good roasted whole, or sliced and sautéed with onions. Atlantic white potatoes (pictured in the back right of the image below) are good fried, roasted, or mashed.

Pink Lady and Red Delicious Apples


Hardneck Garlic

Whispering Brook Farm Sharp Cheddar Cheese & Free-Roaming, Pastured Hen Brown